Hacienda San Rafael Ukum and Project Yucatan in Tekit, Yucatan

Hacienda San Rafael Ukum, our unrestored hacienda of over 1,000 acres, is located near the friendly, picturesque Mayan town of Tekit. Tekit is located about 45 minutes from downtown Merida, the beautiful colonial city and capital of the Yucatan. It is just 15 minutes from the archeological site of Mayapan on La Ruta de Los Conventos. It is about 3 ½ hours from Puerto Morelos.

Project Yucatan (PY), which is dedicated to achieving social justice through education, was launched in collaboration with others in 2005. PY's Siyan Ka'an Program assists economically disadvantaged, high potential Mayan youth to attend high school through scholarships and summer educational enrichment activities held at the hacienda. PY supports an educational internet café, Café Ukum, in Tekit for youth to learn computer skills and access the internet. The Ki'imak Oolal Program, a school-year Saturday afternoon skills/support program for high school students, began in fall, 2008. PY is staffed by volunteers, local and international, and is funded by donations.

In the future, our vision is that the hacienda will provide a pristine, magical, secluded environment where adults, students, and interest groups can do their own work, relax, live, ride horses, walk, and watch nature reveal itself in a space that fosters renewal, contemplation, and personal exploration…and also bring their special gifts to benefit the families of Tekit through participation in PY activities. We plan to co-create a "working hacienda" where local Mayan families and youth work with us to build a better world.

Please email me if you would like to learn more about Project Yucatan, receive our newsletters, or contribute in some way.