Feb 6, 2009

Dear Diary,

It was another day in Paradise . Slightly cooler than it has been, but still warm, even hot in the sun. The sea breeze was moderate, not too strong or too still. The sound of the waves carried to my already soothed ears like a kitten's purr. The palms, and an occasional fluffy white cloud, danced in the sun and breeze in a celebration of Nature's creation of perfect harmony of sky, sea, waves, and sand just outside my door.

I awoke early and watched the sunrise from my bed through the large window that overlooks the tropical garden and the beach. I took my coffee and morning cigar on the patio and watched the beachcombers search for new finds. The birds sang and fished for their breakfast in the shallow waves near the wet sand.

I breakfasted on the patio; had oatmeal - good for the heart, and juice from the oranges I bought off the fruit truck that drives down the street in front of the house every other day. As always,I exercised on the terrace in the sun. Today, I took my time with my routine; the hot sun felt delicious and I savored each drop, knowing that soon I must return to the dreaded north.

I read and sat in the sun before taking a walk down the beach to the :"centro". I needed to go back to the English bookstore to get a couple new books. I picked up Net Force(Clancy) and Painted House (Grisham). I went to Casa Martin while I was there for bread cheese and more wine and while I know I should have walked back for the sake of exercise, I didn't, opting for a taxi instead.

It was a laid back day, as has become my norm. I did venture into the water with my snorkel gear briefly after a light lunch. A brown pelican seemed disturbed that I would scare away his afternoon snack and soared low and effortlessly over my head twice before relocating a hundred yards farther up the otherwise nearly empty beach. I soon gave his favorite spot back to him and retired to the lounge chair.

I must have snoozed, or the book was really good, because before I knew it, I had to hurry and shower before Estela arrived for my massage. Estela is truly in sync with the planet and she wants everything else, including me, to be that way too. I didn't even care that she made me listen to her praise of Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, as her magic hands, again carried me up into the heaven of complete relaxation. The Mayan massage technique is still beyond words for me; it is not like Swedish, or Deep Tissue, but a thing all its own, and pure bliss. After Estella left I had wine in the meditation room and watched the sunset over the mangrove. I had planned to go out for dinner, but was then too relaxed for that and made pasta at home.. There is always manana for another Mexican delight.

I will go to sleep listening to the waves. Goodnight dear diary.

Dennis from Ohio

"The palapa's kitchen windows open to an intensity of color that penetrates my being. I felt the separation between me and my surroundings literally drop away. The white of the sand, the green of the jungle, and the turquoise sea seem to have a life of their own, reaching out, permeating the viewer. In the background, the calls of birds, unfamiliar, compelling. Closer at hand, the shy iguanas sun themselves along the cement walls -- and everywhere, tiny jungle crabs rush to the sea to leave their eggs. Our exotic home provides the comforts of hot water showers and a modern kitchen. We watch the sea from the stone patio overhung by palm fronds. Brown pelicans skim the surface of the water. Sandpipers scurry here and there.

The palapa is a jewel of architectural simplicity. Suited to the warm climate, the bedroom, comprising the entire second level, is open to the sea. With its steep palm frond roof and screened walls all around, it is ideally comfortable. If you have slept to the sound of the sea gentled by a protective coral reef, yet undiminished by solid enclosure, and if you have awakened to the sounds of tropical birds calling from the coconut palms just outside, then you too have been to heaven."

Deborah Miller
Travel Writer